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Amer Kamra: The Visionary

Amer Kamra a Toronto based entrepreneur is the visionary behind the big 3 brands: Hammer Fitness, Ladythefup and Manthefup. Amer Kamra founded LadyTheFup in 2019 and has completely removed himself from the brand to allow an environment to be curated for women, by women. While LadyTheFup maintains true to the core values and pricinples of Hammer Fitness and ManTheFup. Each one of the 3 brands has been created and cultivated with the client in mind. 

Amer wanted to create a brand that would be managed, owned and coached by women, for women exclusively. You can learn more about Amer and the brands he’s created by visiting his website

Amer Kamra
Jase Stevens

The Man behind Man The F up
Jase Stevens